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Ted Gibbons and his wonderful wife, Lydia, are the parents of twelve children, all of them girls except seven. They have 32 grandchildren as well.

Ted Gibbons has been a teacher in the Seminaries and Institutes of the Church for over 35 years. He currently teaches at the Institute adjacent to Utah Valley University.  His years of studying and teaching the scriptures have nurtured a great love of the word of God and the mission of the Redeemer of the world.  That love has led to several publications of fiction and non-fiction.  He has also published poetry, and the lyrics of several of musical pieces including some presented by the Tabernacle Choir.  He has performed his one-man stage production, Sealing the Testimony: Willard Richardsí Eyewitness Account of the Martyrdom, about two thousand times in the United States and Mexico.  His photos have appeared as a series of fine art prints, and on the covers of books, magazines, and musical productions, and in strategic places in several family photo albums.


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